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Custom Systems!

Yeah, that's right, we post profiles of some of the wild Render-boxes and screaming gaming machines we build for our customers.

Would you like to see your custom system posted here?

Email us for details


Pictures of the new store will be posted as construction is complete.

We may include some before and after photos of the new gaming lounge, the new internet terminal area and the cafe.

Be sure to come down and check out the new store when we open.

Updates on the store opening date coming soon!

  We thought our web site wouldn't be complete without some photographs of the computer lab, so here they are. We also have decided to include profiles of the systems of a few of our power users.

Many of our customers find that they are happiest with their home or office system when they have it custom built to suit their needs. Be it design, animation, program authoring, office use or video editing, we can make it work for you. We hope to keep profiling power user's systems as we put them together so keep checking back. Who knows, perhaps your will be the next power user to have your system profiled here!

Page currently under construction. Please be patient : )



Terminals & also the big purple couch...

More pics of the lab and cafe below

More pictures & Profiles to come!


Location of the Old Store


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